Refrigeration Equipment

Food Machinery Online have a very large stock of professional-quality refrigeration equipment which you can put your trust in for serious industrial work. Our refrigeration equipment can be used to freeze a wide range of food products; in addition to this, our refrigeration equipment is of such a quality that it can also be used to freeze naked, in the tray, and wrapped products quickly and efficiently.

Our store does not only include the basic refrigeration equipment, but also the secondary equipment required for it to fully function, or to be used as repairs in case of a malfunction. Our stocks are wide, with some of the equipment including spiral freezers, blast freezers, plate freezers, cold rooms, water chillers, condensers, plant rooms, evaporators, pumps and compressors, along with several more.

We also offer industrial refrigeration compressors which compress low pressure, low volume gasses into very high pressure and also high temperature gas.