Industrial Refrigeration Compressors

The industrial refrigeration compressors compress very low pressure, low volume gasses into very high pressure and also high temperature gas. Many refrigeration compressors remove vapour from the evaporator. You will find that many of the compressors are of very large sizeable mechanical units which form the main heart systems of the industrial cooling systems or even heating, ventilation and also an air conditioning unit.

There are the three main types of refrigeration compressors from Food Machinery Online, the screw, scroll and piston.

The screw industrial compressors pass a main refrigeration vapour through many screw spindles which compress the main gas. Many of the screw compressors have mainly two spindles but there are many that have three screw spindles inside of them and many have more than three inside them.

Scroll industrial refrigeration compressors you will find are the main and most common type of industrial refrigeration The scroll industrial compressors have a very low rate of leakage and also do provide a high efficiency of compressors.

The final type of industrial compressors are the Piston industrial refrigeration compressors which are specifically designed for many industrial and also commercial application. These are the ones that will compress gases to very high pressures, these piston industrial compressors are mainly in place to be used as on a continuous operation.

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